Travel agency business plan: a ready-made example

Capital investments in business – from 330,000 rubles.
Payback travel agency depending on the plan: 12-18 months.

So, you have decided to go into the tourism business?

Someone may come up with this idea with a love of travel and a lot of experience traveling to all corners of the world.

Others, having used the services of a travel agency a couple of times, find various shortcomings in their work and understand what could be done better.

And the third is simply attracted by the opportunity to make good money.

Be that as it may, the first thing to start with is preparing a business plan for a travel agency.

The competition in this area is at an incredibly high level.

Therefore, you must not only do your job, but do it better than anyone else.

And also find a few “chips” that will make you stand out from the crowd.

But first, let’s break down the main sections of a travel agency business plan.

Travel agency business plan: what kind of premises do you need?

In the business plan of a travel agency, one must take into account such an element as location.

For the tourism business, prestige plays a very important role, so it is preferable to look for offices in the central area of ​​the city.

To this end, it is worth looking at office buildings, business centers, shopping centers.

All these places, as a rule, are located near transport interchanges or just in crowded places.

They also have their own parking spaces and a security system.

These are all great bonuses.

As for the number of floors, the best choice is a room on the first floor of the building.

It is also worth looking for one that has a separate entrance from the side of the road, and not from the yard.

This will attract potential customers passing by with a bright sign, banner, and even a prominent name.

But if you still need to look for your ticket, you will have to organize additional ways to attract attention and “show” people your travel agency.

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Of course, renting in the city center will surely cost you a pretty penny.

But if you properly organize the workflow, the profit from a good location more than compensates for these costs.

How to equip a travel agency: we note in the business plan

In addition to the prestigious location, you should pay attention to the design and equipment of the travel agency from the inside.

It’s not as important as the services and rates you offer, but the first impression you make on a visitor shouldn’t be underestimated.

The first thing you should pay attention to and add expenses to the financial section of the business plan is the design of the client area.

It should be comfortable and beautiful furniture.

The standard set is a leather corner, an armchair and a table.

Hang a monitor on the wall that can broadcast regular TV channels.

But it is better to use it as an additional advertising platform, showing your commercials, information about the proposed tours and travel programs.

If the budget allows, you can invest in buying a coffee machine.

The second part of your office is the workplaces of employees.

Each manager should have his own desktop, computer.

Printer and fax can be in a single copy; enough.

Most often, travel agencies do not equip a separate bathroom and kitchen if they are located in a shopping center, office building.

This is only useful when renting a separate building.

If you value the importance of making a good impression and have big plans to expand your business, you can contact a designer to style your office interior.

This service is not cheap, so a novice entrepreneur with a modest start-up capital does not need to resort to it.

Recruitment in the business plan of the travel agency

For a small tourism business, it is enough to hire two managers on the staff.

As a rule, they are paid a fixed rate and a percentage of the transactions made.

In order not to overload employees, they can work in shifts on Saturdays.

There are no strict requirements for work experience, but it is still desirable that one of the partners previously worked in a travel agency, has the skills to communicate with clients and understand the practical side of organizing the task.

But for the role of the second manager, it is quite possible to take yesterday’s student with great potential.

If you provide comfortable working conditions, then in six months or a year you will have an experienced specialist on your staff.

The role of director of a travel agency is usually performed by the initiator of the business himself.

This allows you to control the work from the inside, as well as save money, which is especially important for start-up entrepreneurs.

Accounting concerns can be delegated to specialists using the outsourcing method, as well as computer maintenance.

Marketing section in the travel agency business plan

Impressions are the most valuable currency.

A tourist who will receive excellent service and a lot of positive emotions from a trip in your company will definitely tell all his friends about you.

But in order to attract this tourist, you need to invest in advertising at the initial stage.

Advertising expenses, as well as marketing strategy, are described in the relevant sections of the travel agency’s business plan.

For promotion, you can use the following advertising methods:

  • order the development of a beautiful and memorable sign from specialists;
  • use the means of outdoor advertising: installation of a sign on the sidewalk, a banner on the wall;
  • place advertisements in thematic publications – you can use ordinary print and electronic publications;
  • most of the budget will be spent on Internet promotion: creating and advertising your own website is considered the most effective way to offer your services, except through word of mouth.

Some entrepreneurs, realizing the importance of advertising, are afraid to spend significant money on it.

However, if promotional tools are chosen and skillfully used, the costs will be offset by increased revenue.

You can safely allocate 10-15% of the turnover of the travel agency for the marketing strategy.

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Financial section of the travel agency business plan

The financial section is the most important section of a travel agency business plan.

Although without a competent selection of premises, personnel and advertising methods, one cannot speak of success and profitability.

But if you do not calculate the amount of investment and the payback period, then starting a business simply will not work!

Business costs fall into two categories: capital (or start-up) and recurring investments.

Below are indicative calculation tables compiled as an example.

Obviously, the actual figures for each will be different.

Travel agency business plan: capital investment

When compiling a business plan for a travel agency, you can pay attention to the fact that this business does not require such significant capital investments.

These are the following amounts and items of expenditure:

Item of expensesQuantity (rub.)
Repair and decoration of premises150 000
Buy furniture50,000
Purchase and setup of equipment60 000
Implementation of the Internet3000
Connecting to a telephone line15,000
Advertising campaign at the beginning50,000
Unexpected expenses2000
Total:330 000 rub

Travel agency business plan: regular investments

However, novice entrepreneurs should not forget: it is not enough to open a travel agency.

For normal operation, regular investments will be required.

And ideally, invest in its development in order to increase potential income.

Of course, it will not be possible to immediately cover these costs with profit, but only after the project reaches the level of self-sufficiency.

Item of expensesSum
Small space rental50,000
Payment for utilities, internet, telephony10,000
Employee salary120 000
tax deductions15,000
Advertising campaign25000
Buying Consumables10,000
Total:230 000 rub

Therefore, in order not to worry about the existence of a travel agency until such time as you can direct income to cover these costs, you need to have another source of funding.

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Calculations of payback and profitability in the business plan of a travel agency

The above calculations are made in rubles for ease of understanding.

But in a real travel agency business plan and in general when working with income / expenses, it is worth using dollars.

Indeed, in the tourism business, much more than in any other, the business is tied to the prevailing exchange rate.

If we take the current dollar exchange rate, then the average cost of a trip to any of the popular holiday destinations will be $800-900.

According to statistics, a normally working travel agency receives about 250-300 clients per month.

Upon reaching the previously stated indicators, according to calculations, you will be able to recoup your initial investment in 12-18 months.

The business plan of a travel agency can be entrusted to specialists for money.

This has its advantages: a high level of quality and the absence of errors.

On the other hand, only by doing this work on your own, you will be able to understand how and what to do.

Knowing your business from the inside is very important, especially for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Be brave and believe in yourself!

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