Transport company business plan: step by step instructions

Capital investment in a transport company: RUB
4,255,000 ► Recovery period for a transport company: 24-30 months.

We thought for a long time in which production to invest money, but did not decide?

The choice is very difficult, the Russian market is full of manufactured products.

But you did not take into account the main thing, an entrepreneur is a person who can make a profit from anywhere.

If there are more goods on the market, therefore, there is a need to increase the market for transport services.

Transport is a “perpetual business”.

In a country as large as Russia, goods travel millions of miles before reaching the buyer’s hands.

You can win with this.

Opening your own transport company means always being in demand.

Be better than the rest, provide quality services in the market, and the business will expand.

In this article, you will receive detailed instructions on how to write a business plan for a transport company.

It’s not just about starting your own transport business.

The goal of a business plan is to become a leader, to learn how to be the best in your industry!

List of required documents in the business plan of the transport company

To open a transport company, it is necessary to register with the tax service of the Russian Federation as an LLC (limited liability company).

You have probably heard more than once how difficult it is to register a company in Russia.

But this is only said by those entrepreneurs who could not cope with this process.

Below is a step by step guide.

Describes how to properly register a shipping company.

Step 1. Find founders and open a bank account

The first step is to find the founders of the company.

Organizing a transport business alone is a bad idea.

The goal of a shipping company is to build strong relationships with other companies to work together.

No matter how experienced the entrepreneur is, it will be very problematic to properly organize the work alone.

When the “main structure” of the transport company is assembled, it is necessary to distribute the shares of the authorized capital between the founders.

The next task is to write a letter.

The document clearly establishes the participation of each founder in the authorized capital, and also distributes duties and control zones in the company.

The letter is written, the next step is to choose a reliable bank.

When opening an account with an LLC, you need to be sure that in a couple of months the bank will not suffer an economic collapse.

Look at the reviews of vacancies, test the Internet banking system, find out the total number of customers.

Form a list of leading banks in terms of these indicators, then, together with the founders, make your choice.

Step 2. Registration of a transport company

Registration of an LLC consists of two stages: preparation of documentation and submission of an application to the tax service of your region.

List of documents required to open an LLC:

  • the name of the organization certified by Rospatent;
  • a certificate from the bank in which the current account is opened;
  • information about the founders – passport data;
  • contacts and information about the executive body;
  • information about the chief accountant of the company;
  • receipt of payment of state duty;
  • completed sample form P11001.

Within 5 days, if no errors were made when filling out the documentation, the company will be officially registered in the relevant tax register.

After that, the employee of the Federal Tax Service will transfer a package of documents confirming the status of the company.

Do not forget to also issue a cash register and apply for a stamp.

Registration of a cash register is carried out with the Federal Tax Service, the maximum period for issuing a permit is 1 month.

After registration, you can “breathe” a bit and get ready for the equally exciting work of becoming a transport company.

Marketing analysis for a business plan for a transport company

Target audience of business

The target audience of the transport company will be regional retail chains.

This category of consumers always has goods that require transportation.

Another business plan idea is to find repeat customers.

The trading network is an ideal client, it corresponds to the general marketing plan of the transport business.

What is the purpose of the marketing campaign?

“A successful warrior is an ordinary person who can aim at a target like a shooter with a laser sight.”
Bruce Lee

Successful company marketing is the key to business success.

The main goal of any marketing campaign is to attract a buyer to a product.

In our case, the product is a transport service.

As you can imagine, trucking is a multifaceted business.

Types of freight transport differ in volume, mass of transported material, location of transport, type of cargo (wood, iron ore, food or even radioactive cargo).

The best option for a young company in the field of cargo transportation is the transportation of food from retail chains located within the federal district.

Having determined the direction of work of the transport company, it is necessary to indicate in the business plan the selected categories of goods for transportation (the type of cargo is determined by the company’s fleet).

The task of marketing is to provide optimal conditions for business, at the same time making it as competitive as possible.

Two similar problems can be solved using an original and non-standard approach.

Definition of competitive advantages

So, the strategy of the business plan is as follows: choose a difficult market segment for the transportation of food products.

At first glance, the idea is a little risky.

But if you look closely, you can see the competitive advantages.

List of potential advantages of the chosen trading strategy:

  • Little competition.A very small percentage of those who are willing to work in difficult conditions.
  • An irreplaceable experience.In a few years, your company will be able to advise other start-up entrepreneurs, and this is another line of income.
  • High demand.This advantage follows from the first: a little competition creates a monopoly.
  • A clear competitive advantage in terms of marketing.The fact that a young transport company takes on challenging tasks is sure to grab the attention of customers.

It’s time to move on to real advice on how to build such a business model.

If the business plan is based on the transport of food, then you have to find one of the most difficult categories in this area.

For an experienced salesman or food worker, the answer is obvious: transport frozen food, as well as fresh meat and fish.

You need to plan orders for a transport company in the following equivalent percentage:

Such a choice of products for cargo transportation will create maximum opportunities for the successful development of a transport company at the initial stages.

In the future, the profile of work can be expanded, the company can be universalized.

Transport company business plan: business promotion methods

Most of the work has already been done, the competitive advantages of the business have been identified.

It remains to use the planned plan wisely.

The main characteristic of the company is exclusivity.

This is justified by the fact that your company, a newcomer to the market of freight forwarding services, accepts complex orders and fulfills them with high quality.

4 methods of promoting a transport company:

  • Advertising between large retail chains.This will allow you to simply knock on the “doors” of the main customers.
  • Stocks of explosives.Set surprisingly low rates for transportation, but for one or two companies.The lucky winner is determined randomly.This is an example of an advertising strategy that aims to attract everyone, reward one, and not lose.
  • Insist on the exclusivity of your services.Every promotion must be accompanied by this magic word: customers love the exclusive approach, even when transporting goods.
  • Collect seminars, invite representatives of client companies to them.A personal meeting is the basis of close interaction.

Using the marketing plan specified in the article, the transport company will be able not only to create competition in the market, but also to become a leader over time.

How to open a delivery business?

Choosing a location for a transport company

The premises of the transport company has a rather limited purpose: in fact, it is a garage.

You should also invest in office rent.

Meeting clients in a garage is, of course, a bad idea.

The following table shows the parameters and necessary conditions for a garage room:

Room parameterRequired condition
room area500 – 700 m2
ElectricityPowerful Network Required: Car dealership repairs require the use of energy-intensive tools.
Water supplyA stable water supply is an integral part of the normal operation of a business.
Climate controlNot required.
HeatingIt is necessary to observe the temperature regime within 8-15 degrees.
LocationOne-story premises located outside the city limits or in a residential area. Should be an asphalt road.

Requirements for the office of a transport company

Room parameterRequired condition
squareFrom 20 to 50 m2.
LocationCity center, office center.
Water supplyStable.
Climate controlClimate control is welcome.
HeatingThe office space must have stable heating.

An office space is just as important as a garage.

The reason for this is very simple: negotiations with customers directly lead to business success.

It is at least indecent to accept representatives of large retail chains in your garage.

This approach will cause irreparable damage to the company’s reputation.

Rental rates

  • renting an area of ​​500 m2 will cost about 100,000 rubles;
  • rent of an office space with an area of ​​35 m2 costs 20,000 rubles.

Transport company equipment

The basis of the transport business is high-quality vehicles for the transport of goods.

The business plan involves working with fresh and frozen livestock products, that is, the purchase of adequate transport is required.

For the initial stage of developing a commercial business, 5 cars will be enough.

List of car dealerships + cost of each car:

Name of technical meansQuantity (piece)Cost, rub.)
Isothermal van (carrying capacity 8,000 – 10,000 kg)Transport company business plan: step by step instructionsTransport company business plan: step by step instructionstwo800,000 – 1,000,000
(capacity 10,000 – 14,000 kg)Transport company business plan: step by step instructionsTransport company business plan: step by step instructions
two800,000 – 1,500,000
Lightweight isothermal van (3000 – 4000 kg)Transport company business plan: step by step instructionsTransport company business plan: step by step instructionsa700,000 – 900,000
Total:five~3 900 000 RUB

The choice of cars is made according to the principle of separation.

There are vehicles for the transportation of bulky goods (positions 1-2 in the table), as well as lighter units with a carrying capacity of 3-4 tons.

The refrigerating mechanism provides controlled cooling, which makes it suitable for the transport of any goods of this category.

Recruitment for a transport company

Given the intricacies of working with automotive equipment, you will need a fairly large staff.

But people are needed not only to work in the garage.

There are also office workers who play their important role.

When compiling the staff list, the requirements of the marketing department, the liquidation sector, the apparatus for managing and servicing the transport component were taken into account.

List of company employees

PositionField of activityAmount of workersSalary (rubles/month)
AccountantSettlement transactionsa20 000
Marketing ManagerMarketing promotionsa20 000
SecretaryCustomer servicea15,000
garage managerWorking with objectsa10,000
staff mechanicCar repairtwo15,000
DriverFreight transportfive15,000
Total:11 people170 000 rub

The staff is not cheap.

However, the importance of quality service is difficult to overestimate, because the costs are fully justified.

The transport business is a costly industry.

If you want to become a leader, you need to invest.

To open a successful transport company, we recommend watching the video:

The financial section of the business plan of the transport company

Let’s move on to dry calculations and numbers.

To open your own transport company, you need to calculate the costs of premises, fleet, personnel, investments in marketing campaigns.

Initial capital of the project

ExpensesQuantity (rub.)
Rent of office space20 000
Garage rental100,000
Private170 000
LLC registration5000
Initial deposit to current account10,000
Total:RUB 4,255,000

Transport company monthly expenses

ExpensesQuantity (rub.)
Rent of office space20 000
Garage rental100,000
Private170 000
Total:300 000 rub.

After calculating the “losses”, we calculate the possible monthly income of the company.

A properly equipped vehicle for transporting fresh and frozen food per month can count on an income of 80,000 rubles.

Monthly income at an early stage of the company’s development will be 100,000 rubles per month.

In the future, you need to achieve a car fleet – within 2 years you will be able to receive income from 250,000 to 300,000 rubles.

The return on investment of the company with the right development strategy will be from 2 to 2.5 years.

A transportation company business plan is your guide to starting a successful business.

A characteristic feature of the transport business is long-term.

Every year, the organization’s fleet of vehicles will expand, and communication with customers will grow.

There will be no quick result, the payback of the project is 2.5 years.

If you are willing to put a lot of energy and effort into the business, the result will be a leading company in your industry.

Waiting for more right away is stupid – be patient and become a leader.

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