Step-by-step business plan for an online store

We describe goods and services in the business plan of the online store

It is necessary to start describing the business plan of an online store with a small introduction, the so-called summary.

Start the body of the document by describing exactly what your online store will implement:

  1. List the services provided or product groups/types offered.
  2. What advantages distinguish the offered goods and services from others?
    PS This may include: delivery methods (free, express), prices, product features.
  3. What will motivate customers to come to you and not to other companies?

Market analytics in the business plan of an online store

  • Analysis of competitors in online directories.
    Having studied the main results of search engines in the region, we can conclude that there are or are no similar goods and services.
  • Explore Yandex.Direct.
    You can look at and draw conclusions based on the most popular queries in your field and take advantage of it!

Online Store Business Plan: Organization

Step by step business plan for an online store

This section of the online store business plan should include: information about the staff, the availability and characteristics of the premises, equipment, which is necessary.


If the business is expanding and funds are available to hire additional labor, this should also be reflected in the business plan.

The section contains a list of positions, their functions and salary. Employees of the online store can be:

  • project curator;
  • sales managers;
  • courier (small organizations use contract delivery services);
  • promotion specialists (smm-managers, copywriters).


We often talk about a small office for sales and storage managers.

In the business plan for opening your virtual store, you must indicate where and at what cost the rent is planned.


This list could be:

  • fixed and mobile phones;
  • computers or laptops;
  • Printer;
  • uninterruptible power supply.

Business plan for an online store: calculating finances

The following information is average.

Opening costs

No.NameCost ($)
aBuying a domain and hosting*120 (approx)
twoEngine development”**2000
3Grocery shopping***
fourEntrepreneur registration150
fiveAcquisition of the necessary machinery and equipment500

* – Even if the idea of ​​creating a free online store seems very attractive, drop it immediately!
Few buyers will trust such a site. But what about investors?

** — This position includes placement, design, filling of shop counters.
After all, a beautiful view and full-fledged work of the site is the face of the project.

*** – It is simply impossible to indicate the average statistical costs for the purchase of goods.
After all, each has its own production, its own volume.

In case of renting an office, the costs are shown in the following table.

Monthly expenses

No.NameCost ($)
aPremises for rent300
twoThe cost of the Internet, domain, hosting200
3Online advertising*from 300
fourSite maintenanceone hundred
fiveConsumables (stationery, packaging)one hundred
6Employee salary**150
7Paying taxes
eightPayment for delivery of goods

* — The cost of advertising can vary widely.

** – Very often, the only employee of an online store becomes its owner. However, you will have to resort to outside help in any case.

Online store business plan: revenue and payback


Calculating future income in the business plan of an online store is quite simple:

  1. Calculate the margin for each individual product or service
  2. Based on the data on the frequency of search queries, predict the number of future sales.
  3. Using this data, calculate the approximate amount of income per month.
  4. Subtract the monthly expenses from the resulting figure.
  5. The final amount will be your monthly net income.


An interesting fact about the return on investment of an online store:
For an online store to sell about 5 expensive products per day, you need about 200 people per day. This is easy to achieve with contextual advertising.

This factor largely depends on the assortment of your online store, on prices, on the delivery time of products.

An important factor: choose work for only one region/city or delivery throughout Russia.

If we talk about the average value, then the payback of the online store is 6 months.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the real statistics of the benefits of opening

your online store today!

5 mistakes when opening your online store:

  1. At the initial stage, you buy a large number of goods.
  2. The courier only accepts cash.
  3. You differ from your competitors only in the price of the product.
  4. Save on design and functionality.
  5. Use images and product descriptions from other sites.

Online store business plan: risk analysis

Investors, like banks, will not invest in a business that can “collapse” at any moment.”

Of course, it is simply impossible to prevent all possible problems.

But it should be done and included in your online store business plan. This will demonstrate seriousness, preparation and strengthen self-confidence.

What can be included in this list?

  • Force majeure circumstances (fire, flood, hostilities).
  • Economic changes in the country (“jumps” in the exchange rate, defaults).
  • Decline in sales (for example, seasonal).

And in conclusion…

Creating an online store compared to opening a regular store has a number of advantages: lower initial and fixed cash costs, quick payback, a wide range of customers.

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