Private school business plan

Capital investments in business: 3,000,000 rubles.
► Payback of a private school: from 1 year.

Entrepreneurs often ask themselves the question: how to open a private school in order not only to create a stable source of income.

This industry is driven primarily by a love for children and a sincere dedication to the educational process.

However, even a great experience as a director does not provide a complete preparation for opening a school on a business basis.

For an organization, there are many important points to consider, which we will discuss in this article.

Characteristics of modern private schools

Currently, a very small percentage of children study in private schools.

The largest and most popular establishments are located in major cities.

According to the results of numerous surveys, many families from villages and small towns would like private institutions to operate in their area, because moving a schoolchild to another city is very expensive.

Average number of studentsout of 100 people
Cost of educationfrom 15 thousand rubles
Entry pricefrom 15 thousand rubles

Documents for opening a private school

To purchase a license, you must collect documents, which include:

  • application of an individual founder, as well as TIN;
  • appeal directly from a legal entity with a certificate of tax registration;
  • a copy of the charter adopted by the founder of the LLC;
  • certificate that this non-profit organization is registered (copy).

Original documents are not required, it is enough to present notarized copies.

Before you register to apply for a license, you need to have a clear idea in the business plan of how many students you can accommodate – this information is taken into account by the paperworkers.

The pedagogical plan of the school

In the process of registering an educational institution, it is necessary to provide a plan of pedagogical activity with a complete list of all planned disciplines.

Supervisory authorities may amend the business plan if the student’s workload exceeds the allowable rate.

The standard curriculum provides for the following disciplines:

  • Russian language and literature;
  • foreign languages ​​(usually English or German);
  • maths;
  • calculation;
  • Physical Culture.

Teachers are encouraged to purchase the necessary textbooks and teaching materials before they start developing a plan for teachers.

State accreditation and promotion

One of the main advantages of any private school is the availability of accreditation, which in itself is the result of a long and successful work of the educational institution.

As soon as the accreditation is approved, the institution will be included in the lists of the best private institutions in the region.

More and more parents send their children there to study.

To do this, you need to work for at least three years and release at least one class.

Then the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation will evaluate the results of the work and, if the decision is positive, will issue state accreditation.

This is an important and indisputable proof of a quality education system.

In order for as many people as possible to know about this, you can hold open days once or twice a year, encourage teachers to cooperate with scientific projects, communicate regularly with parents, ask them about issues that concern them regarding the education and behavior of children.

Private school step-by-step business plan: choose a room

At the initial stage, when drawing up a business plan for a private school, it is necessary to decide on the premises, which, in turn, must pass all the necessary checks (SES, fire inspection).

Premises in low-rise buildings are recommended to be used, and classes and auditoriums should never be located in basements where there are no windows and little air circulation.

In the institution where children will study, the canteen, medical center and gym for physical education are of no small importance.

Outside the building, you can place a stadium, a playground and benches.

All premises and facilities must be registered in the name of the owner.

Each of them has a separate document confirming the ownership.

What equipment is needed?

In a private school, there are many rooms for educational activities – classes, as well as rooms where students will be treated, eat, do physical education and spend their free time.

The table shows what costs must be foreseen for the purchase of equipment.

BedroomEquipmentEstimated cost (rub.)
LessonsDesks, chairs, teacher’s table and chair, blackboard, lockersfrom 300 000
Ambulance stationTables, chairs, cabinets, sofas, medical devicesfrom 200 000
CanteenTables and chairs, kitchen appliances, refrigeratorsfrom 900 000
teacher’s roomTables and chairs, shelves, rugsout of 100,000
GymRopes, balls, exercise equipmentfrom 500 000
PlayroomTables, sofa, TV, ottomans, pillowsout of 100,000
Total:from 2,100,000 rubles

Equipment for conducting classes provided for by the business plan should also be considered by the relevant specialists.

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Key Personnel

High-level specialists should work in a private school, with a better approach to the curriculum for schoolchildren.

It is very difficult to find qualified personnel, but you can turn to employees of state institutions; there is a chance that someone will consider the proposals.

A private school can be managed by a person with a pedagogical or other education.

In this case, the fact that you quickly establish contact with students and teachers plays a big role.

In addition to teachers, teachers may also work on staff to provide afternoon classes.

Very often, children stay after classes for a couple of hours and various musical and choreographic classes can be held with them.

The staff should also include an accountant, medical staff, cleaners, kitchen staff and security.

PositionQuantityRate (rub.)
Directora80 000
Deputy directorstwo60 000
Total for the month:RUB 1,460,000

How to attract parents to become clients of a private school?

A business plan for a private school can be successfully executed if there is a source of investment.

Basically, private institutions are sponsored by parents who expect the school to be equipped with everything necessary to make their children’s studies interesting, rich and successful.

This is not only four meals a day and toiletries, but also cool appliances, furniture and electronics.

Management needs to be aware of what is missing and the financial investment required to do so.

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In order for parents to invest in the development of the school, they must be motivated by the following:

  • participation of children in various competitions and festivals;
  • improvement of the school territory;
  • prepare children for the Olympics;
  • balanced diet;
  • complete physical education.

Parents can pay only 70-80% of all expenses; sponsors are needed to finance the rest of the school’s needs.

To find a future school partner interested in sponsoring an educational institution, it is necessary to regularly visit exhibitions of various fields of activity and actively communicate with company representatives.

How much does it cost to open a private school?

Depending on the business plan and the number of students who will study in a private school, an approximate cost is compiled.

Capital investments

ExpensesCost, rub.)
Registration of a legal entityfrom 10 000
Rent of the building and territory (per year)from 500 000
Repair work on sitefrom 500 000
Procurement of furniture, inventory and equipmentfrom 2 000 000
Total:RUB 3,010,000

Regular investments

Employee salaryfrom 150 000
Advertisingout of 100,000
Development of training plansout of 100,000
Total:350 000 rub.

An experienced director of this educational institution tells in more detail about the features of the work of a private school:

Payback and profitability of a private school business

All costs can be recouped no earlier than in a year, assuming that the annual cost of education for a student is approximately $ 500.

There are several additional options for earning money, among them it is worth noting:

  • entrance fees to start studying at the institution;
  • subsidies;
  • additional paid classes

Educational activity is a demanded and necessary industry in our life.

Very often, public institutions do not meet the level of quality education and the expectations of parents, which is why more and more children go to study in private schools.

The answer to the question of what it takes to open a private school is the advice to communicate as much as possible with specialists in the field of education in order to draw up a successful business plan and subsequently receive state accreditation.

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