How to open a “coffee to go” coffee shop?

The cost of opening a cafe is 360,000 rubles.
Business amortization period: 8-12 months.

Coffee to go is like a business that, unlike other street food projects, does not require large investments.

Statistics show that the average person drinks up to two hundred cups of coffee a year.

True connoisseurs are ready to pay any amount (within reason) to enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee.

Despite the fact that there are more and more points of this type, the profitability of the business practically does not fall.

Of course, you need to understand that tasteless coffee made from cheap beans or prepared by an inept barista will not be popular.

That is why, before embarking on the implementation of a business idea, it is worth knowing the varieties of coffee, their types and methods of preparation well.

What do you need to open “coffee to go”?

In order for the cafe to work as a business, immediately generate income and pay as quickly as possible, you need to immediately take into account the nuances, all possible sources of income and types of services offered.

Perhaps these are not only drinks, but also buns or some kind of confectionery.

List of what you need to open a takeaway cafe:

  1. Prepare documents for opening a company (register an individual entrepreneur or LLC, follow sanitary rules, the canteen must also pass the appropriate control).
  2. Choose a tax form for a coffee shop (recommended UTII or LLC).
  3. I will rent a small room (2-3 m2) or a place on the street for a coffee business.
  4. Buy or rent a coffee machine – 100,000-150,000 rubles).
  5. Buy everything you need to make coffee drinks (coffee grinder, dishes, possibly a blender for making smoothies, a refrigerator for storing milk) – about 25,000-30,000 rubles.
  6. Hire employees to make coffee (you may need to train them).

What documents are needed to open coffee to go?

Since the canteen is a public catering establishment, it will be necessary to obtain all permits from the sanitary inspection, and only then draw them up at the tax office.

To simplify the task, a coffee shop can register as an individual entrepreneur with a UTII form (single tax on imputed income).

This is convenient because there is no need to start a cash register.

Or you can register it as an LLC (Limited Liability Company).

The flat tax depends on factors such as: the main income of the business, the productivity of the company (region, etc.), as well as possible seasonality and the individual tax rate.

Where and how to rent a room to open a coffee-to-go coffee shop?

Interesting fact:
Turkish grooms used to promise during the betrothal ceremony that their wives would be provided with coffee, and failure to fulfill the promise could lead to divorce.

To open a cafe with takeaway drinks, a working room of 2-3 square meters is enough.

The store can be located both outside and inside.

Both options have advantages and disadvantages.

Should I put a coffee shop on the street?

If you end the street, then preferably somewhere near the metro, universities, public transport stops or any other busy place where the main flow of potential customers passes.

After all, if there are no customers, there is no profit from the business.

Pros and cons of opening on the street:

The cost of rent is much lower than if we consider living in the building.Electrical and plumbing will have to be done by yourself.
The number of customers in the cafeteria is higher due to increased traffic.Additional funds will be used to build a canteen.
You can choose any work schedule.Possible discomfort in the cold season.

Should I open a coffee shop in the building?

Renting land for a cafe in the building is also a good option for business development.

But this is only on condition that the flow of people in the chosen place is large enough.

Possible options for places where you can open coffee for business:

  • railroad station;
  • shopping and entertainment centers;
  • universities;
  • office building;
  • in front of supermarket checkouts;
  • in theaters;
  • in parks

Pros and cons of opening in a building:

There is no need for construction, it is possible to install a modular structure (prefabricated structure for a small closed business).The rental price is higher than the territory on the street. And the more popular the place, the greater the number.
Your coffee shop will always have visitors if you choose the location of the building correctly.The opening hours of the dining room should coincide with the opening hours of the shopping center or any other building.

Also, when the outlet is located in the building, you can not worry about heating in the cold season.

You also have access to running water and electricity.

What equipment do you need to open coffee to go?

To make truly flavorful coffee, it’s not just what beans you use, but how you roast, grind, and cook them.

Obviously, the entrepreneur will buy already roasted beans, since additional equipment is required for roasting.

But for grinding coffee, you will have to buy a coffee grinder in any case.

It can be combined with a coffee machine or purchased as a separate machine.

A professional coffee grinder grinds a certain portion, which can be adjusted using special buttons on it.

Choosing the right coffee machine for the job is much more difficult than choosing a coffee grinder. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing:

  • do you need an automatic or manual machine;
  • the cost is estimated: initial and during the period of operation (that is, maintenance, since sometimes maintenance is much more expensive than the machine itself);
  • the presence of a built-in coffee grinder;
  • number of jobs (jobs for cooking, places for a glass).

The cost of a professional coffee maker suitable for a mini-cafeteria is around 2,500–3,000 euros.

It can also be rented.

This is a fairly profitable option, given that when concluding a contract for the purchase of coffee in certain companies, the coffee machine and its maintenance are practically free.

Required personnel

In fact, to open such a small cafe, it makes no sense to hire a large number of employees.

For this business, two baristas (coffee makers) will be enough to work on different days or in shifts.

PositionTotal:Salary (rub.)
Total:two44 000 rub.

In order not to waste time on training, you can hire already trained specialists, but you will also have to pay a little more for them.

If you continue training, the first month, and possibly more, you will have to attend the point in person.

In most cases, students respond to these types of vacancies, as a flexible work schedule allows you to combine study with work.

The main requirement for any employee in the field of catering is the presence of a medical book.

Take this seriously if you don’t want to get in trouble with the inspection authorities and receive fines.

How to attract customers in “coffee to go”: advertising methods

How to open a coffee shop "Coffee to go"?

To attract customers to a coffee shop, the same advertising methods are used as for any other type of business.


  • bright outdoor advertising (cafes often use signs on which something funny or interesting is written daily in chalk);
  • creation and promotion of a business page in social networks;
  • creating a cumulative discount system or holding a promotion: “buy us five coffees and get the sixth one as a gift!”.

One of the coolest ideas for a coffee shop that keeps up with the times is recharging your devices.

It should be a free service, but well labeled.

It is important that all passers-by see: if your phone is dead, you can easily call for help.

This is beneficial because for every ten people who come to recharge, at least three will want to drink a cup of coffee until their device earns at least two percent.

beer store business plan

Assessing the level of competition in the coffee business

From competitors, you can immediately cross out large cafes, restaurants and other representatives of “big” companies.

After all, your potential customers are interested in mobility, the opportunity to drink with them and do business.

Competitors can “take away” your visitors by using lower prices, interesting topics, or simply offering better coffee.

The last advantage is the most important!

Practice shows that a person is more likely to drink a cappuccino for 65 rubles, with thick foam and a delicious aroma, than burnt coffee with whipped milk for 40 rubles.

How much does it cost to open a coffee to go business?

Before you open takeaway coffee, you need to calculate all possible costs.

Capital investment

This is the amount that an entrepreneur needs to open a coffee shop.

ExpensesQuantity (in rubles)
Business registration10,000
Equipment170 000
Buy before opening (inventory)30,000
Unexpected expenses50,000
room decoration100,000
Total:360 000 rub.

The exact calculation of the investments that will be spent on opening a “cafe with you” depends on where to rent the premises, what cafe and what equipment to buy.

Current investments

In order for the business to develop, it is also necessary to regularly invest a certain amount.

The most costly items are the rent of premises or premises, as well as staff salaries.

ExpensesQuantity (in rubles)
Promotional materials20 000
Staff salary44000
Total:118 000 rub

The video explains why business coffee is so popular today:

Coffee to go – a business with good profitability

The profitability of such a company directly depends on attendance, the pricing policy of the institution and the number of competitors.

But since the cost of coffee will be 25-30% of its price, the coffee house will pay off quickly enough and bring the first profit in 1-2 months.

In order for the business to flourish, it is worth expanding the scope of activities and selling sweets in addition to coffee.

It is possible to enter into partnerships with suppliers of bakery products.

Most importantly, do not forget about the quality of service and constantly consider the factor of competition.

If you don’t have direct experience in the coffee business, you can always take advantage of a famous brand franchise.

However, after getting the above information on how to open a takeaway cafe, you might come up with an idea yourself.

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