How to make money on oxygen cocktails?

Capital investments: 175,000 rubles.
Recovery: 6 months.

Winning in the air is not only possible, but necessary.

This has been tested by business owners on oxygen cocktails.

Despite the fact that this is a fairly new field of activity, you can earn good money on it.

This type of business has pros, cons, and features to consider when writing an oxygen cocktail bar business plan.

What is an oxygen cocktail?

Today it is fashionable to lead a healthy lifestyle.

More and more people are starting to think about proper nutrition, trying to saturate their body with enough vitamins and oxygen.

Sweet sodas, tea, coffee and alcohol are relics of the past, while oxygen cocktails are a look into the future.

Oxygen cocktail is the healthiest drink, the main ingredient of which is oxygen foam.

Doctors recommend using it as a medicine for pregnant women, children, the elderly, those who are subjected to great physical and mental stress, those who lack oxygen.

And in general, everyone can use this tasty and healthy drink without exception and in any quantity.

And, if earlier oxygen cocktails were prepared only in sports facilities where Olympic champions trained, or in special sanatoriums, today this drink is available to everyone who leads a healthy lifestyle, wants to delay the aging process of the body and simply takes care of himself beloved.

The history of the appearance of oxygen cocktails

For the first time, people started talking about an oxygen cocktail in the 1960s, when the Soviet scientist N. N. Sirotinin prepared an original tasty drink based on berry syrup and many air bubbles.

Studies have shown that through the digestive tract it is possible to saturate the cells of the body with oxygen, and such infusions of oxygen are much more effective than, for example, walking in the fresh air or constantly airing the room.

For a whole decade in the USSR, the provision of oxygen procedures to the population was in full swing.

Cocktails were prescribed for everyone: pregnant women, schoolchildren, athletes.

An order was given: to equip each sanatorium with an oxygen plant.

And then suddenly the process of “oxygenation” of the Soviet population stopped.

Sanatoriums with oxygen plants had to obtain a special permit to operate and register.

Unlike the USSR, other countries (Japan, the USA, some European countries) began to encourage the opening of establishments serving oxygen cocktails.

In the 1970s, bars began to appear where you could drink an oxygen cocktail or two.

Those who were the first to orient themselves were able to make good money on the sale of “health elixirs”.

Today, the business of oxygen cocktails is starting to conquer Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.

Benefits of an oxygen cocktail business

Any business project can be profitable, but the more advantages your enterprise initially had, the greater the chance of success.

The oxygen cocktail business has many advantages:

  1. This niche is practically not occupied by anyone, so you can stand at the origins of the development of this business.
  2. It does not require large investments to get started.
  3. Opening an oxygen cocktail bar does not require any special permits or lengthy registration procedures.
  4. To prepare oxygen cocktails, it is not necessary to have special knowledge: a special installation will do everything for you.
  5. The profitability of this type of business is undeniable: you can make a profit from 300 to 500 on an oxygen cocktail.
  6. Opening an oxygen cocktail bar does not require large areas (just a few square meters.
  7. If you do everything right, in six months your investment will pay off.
  8. You can make money on oxygen cocktails not only in the capital or large cities, but also in relatively small towns.Despite the fact that in the regions the number of consumers is smaller, and the cost of finished products will be lower, here you can save on renting premises, salaries of employees, etc.

Business options for oxygen cocktails

This area of ​​\u200b\u200bactivity is also good because it involves the use of several options:

  1. Opening of a stationary bar.You open a bar in an establishment, give it a name and get regular customers.You should choose walk-through places in the city center with a large crowd of people, since an oxygen cocktail bar does not require too much space, then you do not need to rent a separate building, just a corner in a shopping or entertainment center, cinema, university, etc.
  2. Opening of a mobile bar.You buy a shelf, the necessary equipment, dishes, get transport and service for parties, presentations, premieres, exhibitions.You do not work in one place, you are constantly moving.So you not only win, but also advertise.
  3. Combined itinerary: You have a fixed bar, but don’t miss the opportunity to visit several events along the way.This method is the most promising and profitable, but it requires a team / partners, because it is impossible to cope with the volume of cases on your own.

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Oxygen Cocktail Bar Business Plan: Planning


This business plan describes how to open an oxygen cocktail bar.

This bar will be located in a large shopping center on a rented area.

The project does not involve a complete reconstruction of the leased area, so capital works will not be required.

A few interesting design decisions are enough.

To cover the basic expenses for opening and developing a business, you need to have 175,000 rubles.

Pursued goals:

  • Opportunity to earn good monthly income.
  • The opportunity to occupy a free niche in a new type of business.
  • Satisfy the needs of the city’s population in need of oxygen cocktails.
  • Become the owner of a fast-paying profitable business.

Marketing plan

Despite the economic crisis that we have been experiencing since 2014, the population has not stopped worrying about their health and, accordingly, investing in it.

The level of competition in the oxygen cocktail business is difficult to analyze as it is a relatively new activity with a large number of vacant niches.

Low competition in this area is directly proportional to the amount of income.

Competitive advantages

Despite the large number of free niches in the oxygen cocktail business, you should initially protect yourself from existing competitors and companies that will appear on the market after you.

To do this, use the following methods:

  • The original interior of the oxygen cocktail bar.
  • Delicious and healthy snacks on the menu.
  • Catering for events abroad.
  • Flexible system of discounts for wholesalers and regular customers.
  • Friendly and highly qualified staff.
  • Bright dishes, for example, cups with good wishes or predictions.
  • Various payment methods: cash and bank transfer.

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The target audience

One of the main advantages of this business is an unlimited target audience.

You will be able to attract clients regardless of their gender, age, profession, social status.

The main emphasis still needs to be placed on attracting children, youth and young audiences: from 10 to 45 years old.

Promoting a new business without advertising is almost impossible.

To attract the target audience, the following advertising moves will be used:

  • outdoor advertising: on billboards, poles, etc.
  • distribution of brochures on the streets of the city;
  • distribution of business cards to customers who have purchased products from you;
  • print ads in free newspapers;
  • promotion of oxygen cocktails in social networks (writing posts about their usefulness, uniqueness, etc.).

It is also important to create a friendly atmosphere in the bar so that customers want to come back to you again and again.

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It is impossible to build a successful business in the service sector without qualified personnel.

For an oxygen cocktail bar, you will need to hire a person who prepares oxygen cocktails, a bartender, and a cleaner.

The qualities that your employees should possess are punctuality, accuracy, goodwill.

In addition, people who work in the service industry must look attractive, have a coherent speech, and fully understand the range and benefits of the product you offer.

Bartendertwo15 000 rub.30 000 rub.
Waitertwo15 000 rub.30 000 rub.
Cleaning womantwo10 000 rub.20 000 rub.
Total:80 000 rub.

In order for the oxygen cocktail bar to generate maximum income, it must be open seven days a week.

This can be done by organizing the work of staff in two shifts.

Shopping malls are usually open until 10pm-11pm, which means you don’t have to bother with home delivery.

Why oxygen cocktails are useful and who is recommended to use them,

see in the video:

Oxygen cocktail bar business plan: implementation

Calendar plan

A new business requires the creation of a calendar plan for each month of work.

After a year of successful work, you can limit yourself to drawing up a calendar plan for each quarter, after three years – for each year.

Stages of opening an oxygen cocktail bar

The stages of opening this type of business can be viewed in the following table:

Company registrationHow to make money on oxygen cocktails?How to make money on oxygen cocktails?
Premises for rentHow to make money on oxygen cocktails?How to make money on oxygen cocktails?
room decorationHow to make money on oxygen cocktails?How to make money on oxygen cocktails?
Purchase of equipmentHow to make money on oxygen cocktails?How to make money on oxygen cocktails?
Obtaining the necessary permissionsHow to make money on oxygen cocktails?How to make money on oxygen cocktails?How to make money on oxygen cocktails?How to make money on oxygen cocktails?
RecruitmentHow to make money on oxygen cocktails?How to make money on oxygen cocktails?
Running adsHow to make money on oxygen cocktails?How to make money on oxygen cocktails?
Beginning of workHow to make money on oxygen cocktails?How to make money on oxygen cocktails?

That is, to launch the project, you will need no more than 4 months.

Opening cost table

Item of expensesQuantity (rub.)
Company registration20 000
Decorate the room to your liking20 000
Renting a place for business10,000
Acquisition of oxygen equipment30,000
Purchase of disposable tableware2000
Purchase of a cash register10,000
Bar counter, chairs for employees,
2-3 tables for visitors
Additional expenses20 000
Total:220 000 rub.

In total, the opening of an oxygen cocktail bar will require about 175 thousand rubles.

Calculation of consumption for one oxygen cocktail

Component namePrice
Mixture for oxygen foaming2 rubles
packaged juice
(For a cocktail, you will need no more than 100 ml.)
5 rubles
Paper cup1 ruble
Straw or plastic spoon50 crowns
Total:8.5 rub.

The sale price of a cocktail is 50 rubles or more.

That is, from one cocktail you get 41.5 rubles or more.

On the day (on average) you can sell from 40 to 100 cocktails.

If you also attend outdoor events, your income will increase.

Calculation of revenue and profit

Source of profitMayJuneJulyAugsenOctober
Sale of cocktails60 00075 00090 000105 000120 000135 000
Add Fonts
(Sale Snacks)
15,00020 0002500030,0003500040 000
Income75 00095 000115 000135 000155 000175 000

As you can see, with the right business development, you can recoup the money spent on opening an oxygen cocktail bar in 6 months.

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