Hot corn: a business with minimal investment

Capital investments in business – 95,000 rubles.
Monthly expenses: 155,000 rubles.
Recovery: 3-4 months.

The beaches of tourist towns are often considered to be the place where boiled corn is sold. But this business can be opened not only on the seashore, but also in large cities of Russia.

Hot corn equipment is inexpensive, requires a minimum of personnel, and even beginners can afford the initial investment.

Therefore, this business is considered one of the most profitable among seasonal business options.

Hot corn: product sales features

The hot corn trade is a type of fast food. It can also be eaten on the go and does not require the use of cutlery.

But, unlike most other types of “fast food”, boiled corn is not socially considered a bad food to be avoided.

The sale of this food product is usually carried out in the warm season: in late spring, summer and early autumn.

The main advantage of this type of business is the low cost of raw materials and equipment for the preparation of products.

In addition to selling hot-cooked cobs, this product can also be sold in cups.

For Russia, this is a relatively new type of entrepreneurial activity. But every year it is gaining more and more popularity.

Boiled corn is a business that requires official registration

All commercial activities must be registered in accordance with the letter of the law:

  1. To open a legal point where hot corn will be sold, you need to register your activity as an LLC.
  2. For the registration process, you will need (among other papers) a rental agreement for a place where hot corn in cups or on the cob will be sold.
  3. When starting a business, an entrepreneur must also choose the appropriate form of taxes.
    In the future, you will need to regularly make appropriate contributions to the state.
  4. It is necessary to obtain permission from the sanitary and epidemiological station.Any economic activity that is related to the production of food requires the celebration of this organization.Without verification, you are not allowed to conduct business.Break the rules – serious fines and penalties will follow (up to closing).
  5. A medical book is mandatory for all employees involved in the sale of products in hot cups or on the cob!

The choice of raw materials for business implementation – corn in cups

Boiled corn is a very profitable business. But in order to earn income, you need to take into account many important nuances.

One of them is that only one variety of dairy plant is suitable for such a case.

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Where can I get raw materials of this grade for trade?

  • If the founder has land for sowing or the opportunity to rent it, it will be possible to sow the field with crops and independently control the cultivation process.
  • You can also negotiate deliveries with farmers.
    As an option – to conclude a contract with foreign partners for the supply of frozen culture.
    Look for suitable options in Moldova, Serbia, Poland and Hungary.

Corn in cups differs only in the technology of preparation, but not in the sources of raw materials.

Important! Frozen corn can be stored for two years, subject to the temperature regime of -18 degrees.

It is also worth thinking about another category of consumables that will be required when selling boiled cobs or products in cups.

What topics? Little things like packets of salt, spices, sugar, ketchup and mayonnaise.

These details form the overall impression of the business.

Corn equipment: detailed list

  1. Freezer. This equipment will contain frozen grain at -180C.
  2. Showcase.
  3. The chair on which the salesperson will sit.
  4. The apparatus in which the future product will be cooked.
    This machine holds thirty liters of water and can boil individual raw cobs or grains in a perforated basket.The device is integrated into the trading counter.
  5. An excellent umbrella that will protect the team and the seller from the sun.
  6. Mobile counter to manage hot food business.

The counter may include the following equipment for food preparation:

  • cup Container,
  • spoons
  • napkins,
  • forks,
  • a compartment in which boiled cobs and spices will be mixed;
  • direct compartment for the main apparatus.

How to open a restaurant with minimal investment?

Of course, at the initial stage, you can not buy equipment for corn in the format of a full-fledged showcase, but replace it with an ordinary table.

But then consumer confidence will be much lower, and this will definitely not increase the reputation of the point.

There is another option – to buy a thermal bag from which the finished product is sold.

Their presence will allow you to move freely along the established sales route, and will not let the product cool down quickly.

This option is suitable for beaches, markets and similar places.

Corn in cups, or rather its sale, requires the following tools:

  • plastic spoon,
  • napkins freely available to customers,
  • paper cups.

Corn Cooking Technologies for Sale

The method of making this product is quite simple:

  1. A worker using a measuring spoon collects grains of frozen food from the freezer.
  2. Then he dips them into a hot appliance to cook.
  3. Then close the lid and soak for 15-20 minutes.
  4. After this time, the equipment opens.
  5. The seller puts the corn in a cup and passes it to the consumer.

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Hot corn on the cob: cooking method

If it is necessary to prepare the crop in the usual way, the cobs are loaded into a double boiler for 30 minutes.

The main thing is not to overexpose the corn on the equipment! Otherwise, the product will become hard and tasteless.

Important! All actions for the preparation of this product must be carried out by the seller in gloves.

This will give consumers confidence in the observance of hygiene standards and the high quality of the purchased products.

Marketing strategy for selling corn

In order for the business of selling boiled cobs and corn in cups to bring more profit, the point of sale should be located in crowded places.


  • vegetable or food markets,
  • beaches,
  • central squares of cities,
  • recreation parks.

In winter, you can rent a room in an entertainment complex, school, cinema or cafe; there is always a demand for fast food in those places.

The right location and good advertising will make the business more profitable.

The smell coming from hot boiled corn should be hundreds of meters around.

Don’t forget about cleaning! A well-groomed counter and vendors will attract passers-by and create a decent reputation.

The corn equipment and work surface must be in perfect condition, free of drips and dirt.

If customers see unsanitary conditions, they will definitely not want to buy products from this place anymore.

The exit should have a bright design and a commemorative sign. This will help you get more customers.

How much does it cost to open a boiled corn business?

The cost of equipment for the sale of boiled corn in glasses and on the cob:

No.NameCost, rub.)
aBusiness registrationFrom 30 000
fiveMobile counter25000
Total:95 000 rub

It is best to buy a complete set with a trolley. Then the whole set will cost the businessman 30-55 thousand rubles, and not 65,000 rubles.

This is a significant savings for business!

Calculating the cost of one serving of boiled corn

Determine the cost of a serving of corn in a cup.

So, from 1 kg of culture of pleasure comes 7 standard glasses (with a capacity of 150 grams). One kg of raw materials costs 90 rubles.

Accordingly, the purchase of products for making a serving of corn in a glass will cost 12 rubles. 85 crowns

And now we will determine the price of a portion of boiled products (we will make further calculations in rubles):

Plastic cup (1.05) + plastic fork or spoon (1.10) + seasonings (0.50) + napkins (0.10) + ketchup / sauce (1) + sealed lid (1.11) + raw materials directly ( 12.85).

The price of a cooked portion of corn grains in a glass is 17 rubles. 71 crowns.

Calculating the payback of a boiled corn business

From Monday to Friday at the mall, he can sell 110 servings of boiled corn a day. Cup corn will be in the same demand.

On weekends, this figure can increase by 50%.

The minimum price of the product is 60 rubles, and in large cities it can reach 90-120 rubles.

It is worth starting with the regular expenses that the entrepreneur expects. Considering that there are 22 working days and 8 days off in a month, operating expenses will be:

Often the simplest activity is the most profitable. Find out what other corn business options are in the video:

Current business expenses

No.NameCost, rub.)
aPurchase of raw materials and ingredients100,000
twoStaff salary (2 sales assistants per shift)30,000
3Points for rent22000
fourElectricity payment3000
Total:155 000 rub

Calculation of profitability from business

If we take the amount of 80 rubles as the average cost of a glass, then the monthly profit of one point with equipment for preparing boiled corn will be about 200,000.

After deducting all current expenses, the founder’s profit will be about 35,000 rubles.

Thus, if 95,000 rubles were invested in opening a business, then the business will pay off in 3-4 months.

During the year, the sale of hot boiled corn cobs or cups can make a profit:

Boiled corn is a very simple and profitable business.

Requires minimal investment, which will only be used to purchase equipment, raw materials and rent a profitable place for a point.

Aspiring entrepreneurs should ask their customers if they are happy with the service and if they like the way they cook hot corn.

This will enable you to identify customer needs and optimize your business.

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