Fast food business plan step by step

Initial investment in the project: 5,830,000 rubles
♦ Payback period for fast food: 24 months
♦ Rate of return according to the business plan: 38.5%

In the modern rhythm of life, a quick meal, and tasty and inexpensive, is a need that arises in every second person.

This is especially true for large cities such as Moscow. Despite the high level of competition between such projects, the audience of fast food is expanding, thanks to which the work of such an establishment can bring significant income to the owner.

It is possible to assess possible risks, calculate the level of profit and profitability only when drawing up a detailed fast food business plan.

Fast Food Business Plan: Planning

The description of the fast food project in the shopping center is framed in the current business plan.

It will take less time and effort to open a fast food on wheels.

Project Summary

This business plan describes the opening of a fast food restaurant “N” in Moscow.
The establishment will operate on the top floor of the five-story entertainment center Dream Town.”
Part of the food court will be rented for the needs of the enterprise.

The purpose of the project according to the business plan is:

  • Provide visitors to the entertainment center with the opportunity to eat quickly, tasty and not at inflated prices.
  • Receiving benefits from the project.

Fast food room

The requirements for fast food outlets, of course, are not as high as for a full-fledged restaurant.

However, the importance of this element cannot be underestimated and should be included in the business plan. Since fast food “N” operates on the top floor of the “Dream Town” mall in the corresponding zone, it has a standard structure:

  • a counter 5-7 meters long, behind which are cashiers-waiters;
  • customers place an order and pick it up at the fast food checkout — the project works on the principle of self-service;
  • an open area reserved for tables;
  • after the visit, visitors themselves throw the garbage into a special container, leaving the tray on top in a special holder.

This ensures maximum flow and high speed of service at a relatively low project cost.

Although there are many food courts in food courts, the kitchen of each of them must have its own ventilation outlet.

Project marketing plan

The Russian fast food market is actively developing. At the same time, 20% of the turnover of all companies falls on the city of Moscow.

According to the statistics of the business plan, the growth rate remains at a high level: an increase in the number of projects by 30-50% per year. The market has an extremely high level of competition and a small number of profitable places for fast food. However, the pace of construction of shopping centers in Moscow also remains at a high level.

Therefore, a food court in the new Dream Town shopping center (commissioned in 2015) was chosen to host the fast food project under consideration.

Competitive advantages of work

The audience of fast food restaurants is predominantly conservative and prefers well-known brands.

To increase the visibility of the project described in this business plan, fast food advertising will be carried out through an operating company.

The competitive advantages of the project are:

  • Relatively low prices (more affordable than in other shopping center restaurants).
  • Generous portions for adults.
  • High speed of work due to the full set of fast food staff.

Services (products) of fast food

Apart from location, another success factor for fast food is delicious food.

The basis of any menu, which is also included in the business plan, is various semi-finished products that can be prepared quickly, but at the same time retain all the taste.

You can order the supply of this raw material and other ingredients for the project only from reliable suppliers who have all the necessary quality certificates.

Dishes in the fast food range should be easy to prepare. The presence of expensive and exclusive components does not make sense. After all, people come to fast food to have a bite at an affordable price. And foie gras is not something that satisfies his desire.

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Organization of fast food takeaway

According to the business plan, fast food “N” will provide customers with a “takeaway” service.

Some visitors will make an order with a desire to pick it up. It is necessary to take care of convenient and beautiful packaging with high strength.

This means that food must be stored in sufficiently strong, heat-resistant and odor-tight packaging. The ideal and most common option for fast food is cardboard boxes and craft packaging.

In the checkout area there should be a ready supply of napkins, tubes, portioned spices.

Target audience of the project

Along with the development of the fast food restaurant industry, the target audience of the project is also changing.

Previously, the largest segment of fast food visitors, both stationary and on wheels, was occupied by visitors under 25, mostly middle managers. Over time, from youth entertainment, fast foods have become literally an integral element of the life of middle-aged citizens with an average and above average income level.

At the moment, according to the business plan, the distribution is as follows:

fast food staff

To start working in a fast food establishment, it is enough to have a staff of 18 people.

The project manager will be the owner.

Opening hours of the institution according to the business plan: 10.30 – 22.00.

PS For a high level of performance of functions, work shifts are organized by employees.

  • Administrator.
    Ensures compliance with the standards and culture of fast food customer service, advises on the cost of services, their varieties, the availability of loyalty programs and promotional offers.
    Monitors the client base of the project, resolves conflict situations that have arisen in the work, communicates wishes and feedback to the top management on the organization of work, monitors the cleanliness of the premises and production facilities (controls the quality of cleaning), draws up schedules, sets schedules for the rest of the employees to work in shifts pays salaries and bonuses.
  • Cook.
    Produces a complete cooking cycle: from cleaning ingredients to decorating before serving.
    Menu development based on the wishes and comments of customers.
    Track and analyze customer complaints about the composition of dishes, taste and other shortcomings in the work of the kitchen. Distribute functions and control their implementation among the rest of your fast food employees.
  • Assistant cook.
    Engaged in the preparation of surfaces and equipment for cooking, provides primary processing of vegetables, fruits, eggs, monitors compliance with the sanitary and production standards of the project, performs the work of a cook in case of absence.
  • Cashier waiter.
    Greets guests, consults on emerging issues, presents promotional offers of the project, places an order through the cash desk, accepts and sets payments, controls inventory, cleanliness and operation of the checkout area, participates in thematic and promotional events of the company.
  • Cleaning woman.
    Cleans all office premises and fast food customer service areas, washes floors and surfaces, windows, plumbing, removes garbage from the premises, controls the availability of cleaning products and equipment, and performs additional work as directed by the project management.

To ensure a high level of professionalism, advanced training courses (managers, cooks, waiters) will be organized.

PS To organize fast food on wheels, you will only need to hire sellers. At the same time, the indicators of the business plan are recalculated accordingly.

PositionQuantitySalary (rub.)Total (fr.)
Administratortwo30,00060 000
cook assistant32700081000
Waiter/cashiereight20 000160 000
Cleaning womanfour15,00060 000

Payroll costs are entered into the monthly business plan cost sheet. In the future, it is planned to increase the rate by 10% per annum.

In the first year of fast food operation, 396,000 rubles will be paid monthly.

Fast Food Business Plan: Project Implementation

Project Schedule

1 month2 months3 months4 months
Registration and proceduresStep by step fast food business planStep by step fast food business plan
Sign a lease agreementStep by step fast food business planStep by step fast food business plan
Room designStep by step fast food business planStep by step fast food business plan
Purchase of technical equipmentStep by step fast food business planStep by step fast food business plan
Obtaining the necessary permissionsStep by step fast food business planStep by step fast food business plan
Purchase of furniture for the kitchen and living roomStep by step fast food business planStep by step fast food business plan
Buying inventoryStep by step fast food business planStep by step fast food business plan
RecruitmentStep by step fast food business planStep by step fast food business plan
Installation of equipment and furnitureStep by step fast food business planStep by step fast food business plan
Request paper design and materialsStep by step fast food business planStep by step fast food business plan
On-site repairStep by step fast food business planStep by step fast food business planStep by step fast food business planStep by step fast food business plan
Launch of an advertising campaignStep by step fast food business planStep by step fast food business planStep by step fast food business planStep by step fast food business plan
Conclusion of contracts with contract services*Step by step fast food business planStep by step fast food business plan
Interior DesignStep by step fast food business planStep by step fast food business plan
Opening an institutionStep by step fast food business planStep by step fast food business plan

According to the project implementation schedule, based on the business plan, the opening of fast food will take place 4 months after the start of preparatory work.

Calculating the cost of opening a fast food restaurant

NameQuantity (rub.)
Company registration15,000
Redesign for business needs80 000
Design and decoration of premises200 000
Purchase of lamps and interior elements650 000
Repair400 000
Installation of fire fighting equipment and cameras50,000
Purchase and installation of kitchen equipment800 000
Purchase of furniture for the kitchen and living room600 000
Acquisition of equipment for the kitchen and customers (dishes, tablecloths, trays)250 000
Acquisition of the official software “Accounting system”125 000
Purchase of mobile terminals for waiters (8 pcs)80 000
Training80 000
Advertising75 000
Business development expenses (6 months)2,000,000
Design and printing of menus, booklets75 000
Purchasing products for inventory200 000
other expenses150 000

All amounts in the table are in rubles.

Thus, to implement a fast food business plan, capital investments in the amount of 5,830,000 rubles are required. Startup costs also include the cost of running the project until it breaks even.

The source of financing is the receipt of investments in the amount of 5,000,000 rubles.

The rest of the amount – 830,000 rubles – will be covered by the personal funds of the project executor.

Fast Food Business Plan: Financial Section

“For me, success is about creating something that you can really be proud of.”
Richard Branson

Expenses for maintaining and developing the fast food project

The monthly expenses for fast food according to the current business plan consist of two categories:

  • Product cost.
  • Other project costs:
    • payment of wages to employees;
    • advertising;
    • lease of the territory;
    • payment for services under the contract;
    • communal payments;
    • tax deductions.

At the same time, 335,000 rubles of current expenses are monthly covered by the amount of 2,000,000 rubles promised at the beginning of the project.

When the break-even point is reached after 6 months of work (based on the data of the business plan), the company’s expenses are fully covered by profit.

The scheme of distribution of the total costs of the project is as follows:

The organization of a fast food cafe is a laborious process that requires large investments in opening and development.

However, when a fast food business plan is written in detail and correctly, it will help to assess the risks and scenario for the development of the project. This is the first step towards creating a successful establishment, which can later become a chain of fast food restaurants.

The real story of how young entrepreneurs,

independently opened a chain of restaurants in Moscow under a well-known brand.

Tips for those who want to open fast food

  1. For fast food, location really matters.
    Therefore, the choice of objects for the project must be approached carefully.
    Do not forget that you must not only choose a place of work, but also designate all rights to it: sign a lease agreement in accordance with all the rules, obtain all necessary permits from authorities (SES, fire service).
    The stages of obtaining it are shown in the business plan.
  2. When compiling the menu in the business plan of the project, also focus on the location of fast food.
    For sleeping areas, large dinners, grills that you can take with you are in great demand. For people rushing home from work, it’s important to buy something to reheat and eat at home instead of cooking dinner.
    But for fast foods in the central region, the sale of “snacks” will be more relevant. After all, most people go to these places to eat and get back to work.
  3. Pay close attention to the selection of cashiers for the project and the control of their work.
    Unfortunately, cases of theft in the fast food industry among employees are not uncommon. This is especially evident when working with goods “by weight”. The seller may not inform little by little in several portions, but sell the saved goods by putting the goods directly into his pocket.
    A video surveillance system, surprise inspections and “mystery shopper” services will help fight the project.
  4. It is worth paying attention to developing a personal style for your fast food project.
    Even if you have not yet thought about expanding, this will prove your seriousness and high reliability.
    Do not save and hire a specialist for this work.
    Be sure to include the end result of your work in your fast food business plan.
  5. On the one hand, starting a profitable fast food business that won’t close in the first year is no easy task.
    However, even a beginner in entrepreneurship can be successful if they put in the effort to execute the project and focus on a well-written business plan.

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