Business plan for a children’s center

Capital investments in business – 2,285,000 rubles.
Profitability of the children’s center: from 10 months.

It’s worth starting with why an entrepreneur or someone who is just planning to become one may need a business plan for a children’s development center.

The fact is that the use of various circles and sections has always been a popular topic for mothers of preschoolers.

But government programs have been curtailed, and not everyone can afford private lessons.

But taking your child to a developmental center where his skills will improve in many ways is a great idea!

According to statistics, more than half of the parents of children from 1 to 8 years old think so.

This makes the business idea of ​​opening a children’s development center popular.

Often young mothers themselves come to this idea, who for one reason or another no longer want to visit other people’s clubs, but are thinking about opening their own children’s center.

There is a lot of competition in this business.

And young entrepreneurs may not fully understand how to fill their niche.

In addition, the question arises about the financing and payback of the project.

You can find answers and outline the path for the development of the club through the development of a business plan for a children’s development center.

We analyze the relevance for the business plan of the children’s center

The idea of ​​opening a children’s center has really gained particular popularity in recent years.

Therefore, before opening a children’s center in the business plan, an analysis of future competitors, the target audience and, in general, the viability of the solution should be carried out.

It is not so difficult to perform this task on your own, even without contacting specialists.

However, before proceeding with the analysis, it is necessary to develop an action plan.

After all, simply by contacting 1-2 child development centers under the guise of a client, you will not get a particularly useful result.

It’s best to do this:

  • List all child development centers in your business plan.Of course, if you live in a big city and there are more than a dozen of them, just choose the main ones.
  • Determine the parameters by which you will evaluate competitors.This can be a list of services, customer demand and reviews, location, advertising methods used, and other parameters.
  • Based on the collected data, you can create your own list of competitive advantages and indicate what you should bet on in your own children’s center.

You can collect information during a personal visit, through the Internet and by asking friends.

The more fonts you use, the better the result.

The data obtained will also help you more accurately disclose the rest of your child development center business plan.

Business plan for a children’s center: what kind of premises do you need?

The question of the place of the future children’s center in development is one of the fundamental ones.

As a general rule, most aspiring entrepreneurs don’t risk starting with large installations.

To start a small club, 40-60 m2 is enough.

The requirements for an ideal location are not so complex as to be impossible to implement.

Let’s start with what part of the city to locate the center.

In this question, you will need information about competitors and potential target audience.

Placement in the central area for such a business, of course, is also prestigious.

Kindergarten business plan

But if several centers with high prices are already open there, and the bedrooms are “empty”, isn’t it more logical to place your business there?

In addition, rent in the center will cost a lot, and not all entrepreneurs can afford to invest especially large sums in opening.

However, it should be borne in mind that far from all cities the suburbs can and want to afford to give their children additional education.

This once again emphasizes the importance of analyzing the target audience.

If you have chosen a residential area, renting a room on the ground floor of an ordinary residential building is ideal for you.

You can also look at office buildings or even shopping centers.

But at the same time, try to leave high floors – it will be difficult for children to overcome such a distance.

But the basement and semi-basement areas will not be approved by either the SES or the fire inspection.

Therefore, you will not receive a work permit.

Also, its requirements indicate the mandatory presence of high-quality ventilation, a fire escape and its own bathroom.

For parents, an important advantage will be the availability of a large number of parking spaces with convenient check-in, as well as proximity to public transport stops.

Necessary equipment for a children’s development center

One of the important parts of the children’s development center is the waiting room for parents.

For some reason, not all entrepreneurs realize the importance of their presence.

No amount of savings justifies the fact that you will not be able to provide proper comfort to parents who are expecting their children.

Often moms and dads stay for the whole time while the baby is engaged.

Making them wait outside or finding another place nearby to hang out means losing customers.

For the waiting room you will need a little: armchairs or a sofa, a small table, a stack of magazines and an internet connection.

How to open a children’s clothing store?

As a rule, such a minimum is sufficient.

But if the budget allows you to install a TV and a coffee maker, this will be a big plus.

The main part of the equipment, of course, will be needed in children’s rooms.

We need tables, chairs, study materials.

You also need to buy basic stationery.

The Children’s Center will need at least one laptop with Internet access, as well as a printer with a scanner.

Recruitment in the business plan of the children’s development center

Another important component of business success that needs to be included in the plan is staff.

The children’s center requires only three positions: administrators, educators and a cleaning lady.

Accounting is best outsourced.

The administrator answers calls, buys consumables, coordinates the work.

So you need to hire a serious and responsible girl.

Experience is not required but would be a big advantage.

But educators must have not only experience in kindergarten, but also the appropriate education.

Ask them in person.

After all, a problem with one educator can become a stain on the reputation of the entire center for early development.

Marketing section in the business plan of the children’s center

As in any other business, nothing can be more effective than word of mouth.

This is especially true for the social circles of young parents.

But in order to be remembered and even told to friends, you need to start somewhere.

You can attract your first customers in the following ways:

  • placement of outdoor advertising (banners, streamers);
  • creating your own website and its promotion;
  • distribution of brochures in the city center;
  • publishing ads on forums, thematic sites, etc.

Financial section of the children’s center business plan

It has already been announced that children’s development centers are in strong competition with each other.

And your income (as well as your expenses) will directly depend on what methods and how successfully you overcome them.

This may include the range of services offered, location, staff and training levels, selected advertising campaign and availability of special offers.

Business plan for a children’s development center: capital investment

The cost of opening a children’s club will depend on many parameters.

Therefore, below is only an approximate list of a business plan for a children’s development center.

Item of expensesQuantity (rub.)
Repair and redevelopment of premises100,000
Purchase and installation of equipment80 000
Purchase and installation of furniture80 000
Launch of an advertising campaign25000
financial pillow2,000,000
Total:RUB 2,285,000

A financial cushion is a source of capital from which you will draw funds for the existence and development of the center until it reaches self-sufficiency.

Not everyone includes this parameter in their calculations for a business plan.

Because of this, young entrepreneurs have a common problem: a company that has successfully existed for six months or a year is forced to close, as the money for their work is running out, and there is still not enough income to cover expenses.

Business plan for a children’s development center: monthly investments

These are very systematic expenses for a children’s center, which must be taken into account at the stage of business planning.

Item of expensesSum
Premises for rent75 000
Communal payments9000
Employee salary90 000
tax deductions3000
Advertising campaign25000
Buying Consumables1000
Total:203 000 rub

How to open a children’s center and competently run a business,

experienced owners of this case will tell in the video:

Calculations of payback and profitability in the business plan of the children’s center

Naturally, the payback period directly depends on the size of capital investments in the business.

Some sources mention a period of six months, others – from 3 to 5 years.

One thing is for sure: opening a children’s development center is profitable if you put your mind and diligence into business development.

A business plan for a children’s center is an important document that an entrepreneur simply needs.

Not just for loans or investments.

But also understand what and when to do in order for the business to be successful.

Therefore, it is important to come up with a plan on your own, specifically for your needs, and not look for ready-made options on the Internet.

Or you can turn to specialists if this work is not part of your responsibilities.

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